Social Enterprise Approach

Nowadays, the internal and external environment of the voluntary sector considerably changes over time. The traditional way of supporting poor communities through NGOs is less favored by donors, and the international trends of development cooperation currently focuses on promoting trade than aid, and on investment than cosumption; Besides, an economic crisis that happens in donor countries has been greatly affecting the functioning of local NGOs and sustainability of their development programs.

To remain competitive and responsive to community needs thus calls for local NGOs to induce innovative development approaches that give due emphasis for social entrepreneurship and local resource mobilization. Cognizant of this, JeCCDO has recently injected ‘social enterprise’ in to its overall organizational development approaches.

Social enterprise is development approach through which organizations engage in income generating activities and invest the profit thereof for social development. This approach enables charity organizations to become self sufficient through mobilizing resources from local source and thereby ensure sustainability of their development interventions.

In accordance with this approach, JeCCDO has identified 3 business ideas with the supported from UK based consultant and is acting up on them. JeCCDO has so far succeeded in that it has established a well furnished training facility namely JeCCDO Opportunity for Change Training Centre in Bishoftu Town, only 47 KM away from the capital Addis Ababa.

The center which is situated adjacent to Lake ‘Cheleqlaqa’ caters the following facilities:

    • 2 states of the art two storey guest houses each with 7 luxury rooms

    • 1 22 elegant standard rooms with upgraded services

    • 1 A 300 people capacity deluxe conference hall with 5 syndicate rooms of each 8 people capacity

    • 1 2 well equipped contemporary meeting hall
    • 1 Restaurants serving international and national cuisines
    • 1 High speed internet access
    • 1 Environmentally friendly bio-gardens and recreational sites

In addition to this, JeCCDO will continue to put in to effect its other business ideas and  keep anchoring the approach towards its development programs for the benefit of disadvantaged communities in need.