Urban Agriculture

Since JeCCDO primarily works to tackle urban poverty, urban Agriculture has been incorporated in to its community development programs as of 1995. JeCCDO is known to be among the pioneers to introduce urban agriculture in Ethiopia, and has succeeded in replicating the practice

JeCCDO’s urban agriculture program is intended to promote household food security, job opportunity, income generation and better health. More specifically, it enables many urban households in general and children in particular, to access adequate and balanced nutrition. Besides, urban households become able to retain expenditure on food and generate income from sells of surplus products. It is also viable for people living with HIV for better nutrition and gives women an opportunity to involve in productive ventures. 

The following interventions fall under this sub-program: 

Bio-Intensive Gardening (BIG)
This is sub-component of urban agriculture which includes production of fruits and vegetable. It is a self-help food raising method based on building and maintaining soil fertility and using no chemicals i.e. Does not use any artificial fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. It aims at restoring soil health and promotes an environment that creates healthy plants, trees and animals. It builds on locally available resources.

Small Animal Husbandry
This includes fattening and rearing of small animals like sheep and goats. It bases on using improved management practices and techniques to benefit households within a short period of time. It also integrated with agribusiness skills in order to improve household income and build assets.



Poultry Production:
It involves keeping poultry breeds with improved management practice at household level. Selection and training of beneficiaries is crucial for success of backyard poultry schemes as a source of livelihood.

Highland Fruit Production
Highland fruits production is currently highly encouraged to find economic and environmental benefits. Since this scheme requires relatively large amount of place and longer/two-three years/ time, JeCCDO runs it in integration with other kinds of urban agriculture activities.  


Promoting Public Awareness and Agribusiness Skill
JeCCDO works to raise the awareness and develop agribusiness skill to the public and policy makers through gatherings, workshops, field days, experience sharing visits and lobbying.