result based management

JeCCDO; as an ever learning and changing organization, has been embarking on a series of programmatic and institutional measures so as to remain  in a better position to realize its vision. By virtue of this, following a System enhancement and acceleration strategy of 2012, JeCCDO has adopted a new and comprehensive results-based monitoring and evaluation (RBME) system.

Put it simply, Results-based management is a management strategy whereby an organization ensures that its processes, products and services contribute to the achievement of desired results (outputs, outcomes and goals). The very motive of JeCCDO to espouse the system stem is same. In addition, JeCCDO adopted the system so as to ensure responsiveness and accountability to its target communities and donors.

In order to successfully apply the RBME system, a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Unit (MELU) has been instituted at central office level since 2013 and focal persons are also assigned in all the 5 CDPOs. Apart from this, JeCCDO has availed all the necessary RBME tools. This includes among others, RBM system guideline, reporting handbook, review guideline, annual self assessment guide, M and E plan, etc.

RBM system has been practiced in JeCCDO for the last 2 years, and now it can be said that the system is better institutionalized than ever. Owing to this, JeCCDO is witnessing noticeable improvement in all its processes and results. For example, we are now enabling concrete results on the lives of our beneficiaries than before. In addition, the system helped us to ensure efficient use of resources, and this in turn has helped us to reach more target communities and newer areas. Thanks to the strategy that our credibility and stakeholders’ confidence in our work has also remained immense.

However, as RBM can’t be achieved in one stride, a lot of challenges lie ahead. Thus, we will continue to learn from our own practice and other like minded organization, and capitalize on our achievements from the system.

Changes we want
As set out in the RBM tools, the following are the key changes (impact and outcomes) that we strive to make happen are:

The quality of life of children and the community realized 


  • The quality of life of children and the community realized 
  • Communities’ better access to basic services promoted
  • Motivating communities’ actively engaged in productive livelihood activities
  • Communities’ knowledge and adaptive capacity to climate change and disaster risk reduction  enhanced
  • JeCCDO to become a learning and changing organization