Women Economic Empowerment/Self Help Group (SHG)

JeCCDO promotes Self Help Group (SHG) approach, a mechanism that seeks to combine the social and economic aspects of community development, leading to holistic empowerment.  The fact that facilitating development through community based institutions is central to JeCCDO greatly matches with the principles of the SHG approach, i.e. to facilitate an atmosphere wherein individuals and communities can realize their potential and work towards their  own  development. 

JeCCDO is one of the pioneer to introduce SHG approach in Ethiopia. The first SHG was established by JeCCDO in 1994 in Debre Birhan Town. JeCCDO has so far witnessed SHG approach entails women empowerment through attaining socio-economic development of members, and thereby gender equality. Motivated by its good track record in the SHG approach, JeCCDO remain keen to further promote the approach.

According to JeCCDO’s SHG approach, 20 women are organized in to one SHG and are involved in saving and credit and income generating activities. Within the group, they are expected to collaborate with their peers on their social challenges. These SHGs, in turn, are organized into 32 Cluster Level Associations (CLAs), which are the second and representative levels of the SHGs. When strengthened, the CLAs will form a federation, an apex body of the institutions.  These levels have their own rationale and sphere of influence. 

In addition to the SHG approach, JeCCDO works to raise the economic status families/caretakers to enable them provide adequate and holistic development support to the children. Accordingly, JeCCDO integrates SHG program with other economic support schemes mainly with urban agriculture. SHG members are also encouraged to participate in Functional adult Literacy (FAL) program.

Photo- partial view of Self Help Group day 2013 celebration with presence of

First Lady W/O Roman Tesfaye